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PDA free webzine 5 – Urban wounds and scars

PDA: your free architecture magazine! now for you!

pda is a free architecture magazine!!

In this issue: urban wounds and scars!!

We were wondering if it could have existed a correspondence between what it happens to a biological material and evolution of a city, in the same way as in the existence of a visceral relationship between city and human-citizen.
pda is a free architecture magazine!!

issue 4

In This webzine we talk about tradition and innovation in art and work and the relative debate. “We are also aware that the selected theme, tradition and innovation, is one of the most debated in the architecture field, especially in the academic territory. Nevertheless, we do not want to let go of you because the purpose of Parola d’Arte is to reflect, in a modern way, what defines the sides of the artist’s profession, of the architect’s, and generally of whom imagines and through his work generates emotions.”

pda is a free architecture magazine!!

issue 3

In this issue of Parola d’Arte , we relied on outside assistance interviewing two young architects, Saverio Massaro (Esperimenti Architettonici) and Francesco Lipari (OFL; Cityvision), an archi­tecture critic , Emmanuele Pilia and a songwriter, Daniele Coccia from Il muro del Canto.
pda is a free architecture magazine!!

issue 2

The legendary Greek bandit, Damaste, built a standard sized, stone bed. If his victims were too short, they were stretched with a hammer, and if too high, cut into pieces , as long as it did not fit perfectly ; hence its nickname , Προκρούστης ( Procustes , the launderer ) . Probably, Damaste would be, in our times, an Italian architect. In the sixties – seventies, during the immense expansion of the suburbs without identity, many were aware of the loss of the human dimensions of modern housing, indifferent to the Italian building tradition

pda is a free architecture magazine!!

issue 1

The following booklet is the first of a series of thematic researches which you are all invited to share and partake. The idea of building a new language emerged itself naturally, following our experience in the City Vision project with Francesco Lipari and Vanessa Todaro. In that platform (from Mag to Competition) we faced the possibility of generating new architectural languages, to characterize the city at a urban scale in the (next?) future.

pda is a free architecture magazine!!

Parola d’Arte

Roma, Italy

Free Italian-English Webzine. A collection of articles, essays and/or interviews selected by the publishers, divided into thematic and structured in the form of a magazine. These collections are organized into booklets, they are neither periodic nature nor any profit. Each issue shows clearly that there are invisible wires or connections that tie all the best experiences of Art and art work, as it will be seen, that bring us closer and make us all similar despite the apparent diversity of language.

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PDA is a free architectural webzine